The Path to Becoming a Fire Fighter/EMT

Over the years, Raymond Fire & Rescue Department has had the pleasure developing many new recruits and welcoming experienced veterans from other communities. One thing we all have in common is the desire to serve the community, our family, and our friends. Our township would be hit with a heavy burden to staff a Full-Time department.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) estimates that a third of the population is covered by "all-volunteer" fire departments.  The Town of Raymond offers a hourly wage for call responses and training. Our department has a mix of membership, most of which are here purely to serve the community, and a select few with aspirations of being a career Fire Fighter.

So where do you start? Everyone is different, we recommend to start by talking with someone who is doing it, talk to a member of the perspective department you are considering joining. For our department, joining us for observation at a training or maintenance night, might help you find that "burning" desire. Ask yourself a few questions, "Do I want to help my neighbors in emergency situations?", "Do I have the time to commit to mandatory training to receive and maintain a license?", "Can I wake up in the middle of my normal sleep routine, and respond to an emergency?". Sometimes these are easily answered, sometimes not; Every new member starts on a probationary period, which allows the Leadership to assess the new member's skill sets and commitment.

Still interested? Stop into the station with a filled out application. Click here to access our application!