Apply To Raymond Fire & Rescue Department

Applying to join Raymond Fire & Rescue is easy and fast. You may stop by our station any Monday night during one of our monthly meetings or trainings, 7pm to 10pm, excluding Memorial Day or Labor Day, and other holidays such as Christmas or New Years and pick up an application. An online application is also available.

There are a few standard questions we would ask that you might want to consider:

  • Are you a Town Resident or within 1 mile of our Town border?
    • If not, would you be able to provide coverage in shifts from our station?
    • If not, do you work within our town and able to respond from your place of employment?
  • Are you currently licensed as a Fire Fighter or an EMT (any level of licensure)?
    • If not, would you be able to take the appropriate classes at a technical college to obtain licensure?
  • Are you currently licensed as a medical professional such as a Registered Nurse, Physicians Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Doctor of Medicine interested in Emergency Medical Services?
  • If a resident, are you able to fulfill 6 hour Duty Shift from 10pm to 4am every 5th night or fulfill the 6 hour shift during daytime hours?
  • Can you attend training on Monday nights at 7pm, or find alternative resources on your own, to maintain skills and education requirements?

These are some simple questions we would ask as basic requirements. Any "no" answers do not necessarily exclude you from membership. All applicants are considered.  Click here to access our application!