Many people ask, "What does it take to become a Firefighter or an EMT?" This is perhaps the hardest question to answer in a short time or word count. Time and dedication are two the most critical elements, aptitude and ability are a close second, but desire certainly can override any of these. Let's face it, no desire - it won't work. 

Over the years, Raymond Fire & Rescue Department has had the pleasure developing many new recruits and welcoming experienced veterans from other communities. One thing we all have in common is the desire to serve the community, our family, and our friends. Our township would be hit with a heavy burden to staff a Full-Time department.

Applying to join Raymond Fire & Rescue is easy and fast. You may stop by our station any Monday night during one of our monthly meetings or trainings, 7pm to 10pm, excluding Memorial Day or Labor Day, and other holidays such as Christmas or New Years and pick up an application. An online application is also available.