The Knox Box

One the most efficient devices to preserve property on a fire call available to you as a business owner or resident is the Knox Box.

With one master key, the fire department can gain access to commercial and residential properties. More than 11,500 departments in North America use Knox® products. Property owners in our community store the entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Box® key boxes mounted near their building entrances. Each Knox-Box purchased by the property owner is keyed to a single master key controlled by Raymond Fire & Rescue. With the Knox System, there is no waiting for a property owner to unlock the door in the middle of the night, and no forcing the door open to gain entry. The Knox Rapid Entry System reduces response time, property damage and the liability for lost keys. For more information contact us or visit for more information.

In some cases property have used combination lock access vaults made by various companies and available at local Menards, Home Depot, or hardware stores. These can be effective, however keep in mind there is potential a misplaced or non-communicated combination.