Annual Hose Testing

Annually RFRD is required to test all Structural Fire Fighting hose to ensure safety and integrity of the hose.  Typically this consumes two Saturdays in the Fall and requires all hands on deck! We test approximately 8,200 feet of attack line, 1.5" to 3", 50' sections and 3,000 feet of 5" Large Diameter Hose in 100' sections.

"RollNRack Power Roller"

Our hose testing procedure involves one Engine pumper, the Hose Testing pump manifold, Station water supply, and manpower. Each starts with station set-up, pulling rigs out and positioning a supply Engine, and specific apparatus where hose will be removed, tested, and re-packed.  Each test consists of approximately 15 minutes, from set-up, 5 minutes of actual testing, and breaking down the hose. All water in hose is walked out, hose rolled, and re-packed into the apparatus.  The greatest challenge and key to the process is keeping the outer jacket of hose dry.  Wet hose re-packed equals mold and eventually rotted hose.

The time committed to hose testing has decreased over the years, due to advances in hose quality, and most importantly support equipment. Fortunately for RFRD we have been fortunate enough to borrow the ROLLNRACK power hose roller from neighbors to assist in our 5" LDH testing and packing. In 2016, RFRD was proud to accept a donation of material and craftsmanship from AWI of Franksville and Derrick Larsen. See our project and wish list for more information.