Why do I see two Ambulances at a house for probably one patient?
There are many reasons for this, and yes you are correct on EMS House Calls typically one patient. (1) An Ambulance is always responding as an in service apparatus, but as you know with your vehicle... things happen, after all there is a potential for equipment failure, either the ambulance or the equipment inside. (2) We don't always know how many personnel will be needed on the scene or for the transport. (3) We often rotate personnel, whether it is to accommodate a responders obligations outside of our department, shift personnel to maintain skills that don't make the first out ambulance, and some of members possess special skill sets for certain patients and circumstances. (4) Having a second ambulance on scene allows rapid response to any simultaneous calls.
Why does it take so long to respond?
Obviously there can be a perception that the response time is long when you are having an emergency. RFRD is proud to sit below the acceptable threshold of acceptable response time, while always striving for better. The process includes:
  1. 911 Call is placed to our Racine County Dispatch Center in Ives Grove on Hwy 20.
  2. Dispatcher collects information and sends out the dispatch information to our pagers, also referred to as being "toned out".
  3. Our personnel respond to our station, during dinners, yardwork, sleep, etc.
    • Personnel travel time to station varies from 2 minutes to 5 minutes
  4. Once a legal ambulance crew is available, the first ambulance goes en route.
  5. Travel en route to a scene within our township can be up to 5 minutes.
I want to have a big bonfire, what should I do?
    1. Pick a safe day to do it! Little to no wind is ideal. Be sure there are no burning restrictions due to drought conditions.
    2. Pick a safe spot away from buildings, trees, dry & high grass, but close enough to have a water source.
    3. Contact Racine County Dispatch on the non-emergency number (262) 886-2300 and Raymond Fire & Rescue at (262) 835-1687, have the location address ready.
    4. Keep fire contained to the area, monitor, and enjoy!
Many ask why it's required to report. The short answer is to ensure we aren't interrupting your recreation and wasting resources. We never want to discourage concerned neighbors or the average passer-by of reporting something suspicious. When the recreation burn is reported, the dispatchers know when these calls come in "I think there is a building on fire 300 yards off the road, but I can't see for sure", they know that this may be just your bonfire.
What if I smell Gas in my home?
You will need to get out of the house and then call 9-1-1 for the Fire Department from outside of the house or from a neighbor's house. The use of a phone could cause the gas to ignite if you called from inside the house.
My smoke detector is chirping, what does that mean?
Most modern smoke detectors will chirp to alert you the batteries are low, you should replace the batteries and test your smoke detector. Smoke detectors can be purchased at any hardware or large commercial department store. We recommend you change the batteries in your smoke detectors every 6 months, an easy way to remember is to change batteries when you reset your clock for daylight savings time.

The Town of Raymond Fire & Rescue Department strives to provide a quality service to the residents and visitors within our 36 square miles and beyond. Our Frequently Asked Questions section will try to answer as many of the questions that the public might have.

We will update this from time to time based on what feedback and questions we get from you.