Weil Mini

The Town of Raymond Fire & Rescue received the Weil Mini Chest Compressor, a portable mechanical CPR device manufactured by Resuscitation International in 2015. This device was received as a donation through SOS Technologies.

The Weil Mini Chest Compressor is a new product in the fight to battle sudden cardiac death. It is a pneumatically driven piston device providing optimal chest compression with adequate strength and depth. The device was developed to be small, easy to deploy, and lightweight. The easy to use design allows for attachment of the device to the patient within 10 seconds. The American Heart Association 2015 Guidelines on CPR & ECC highlight that manual chest compressions remain the standard of care for the treatment of cardiac arrest. However, such devices are a reasonable alternative to conventional CPR in specific settings where the delivery of high-quality manual compression may be challenging or dangerous for the provider (eg. limited rescuers available, prolonged CPR, CPR during hypothermic cardiac arrest, CPR in a moving ambulance, or in-hospital CPR). Mechanical chest compression devices have become very popular in the area, and across the country, and have resulted in countless successful resuscitation.