Treated - Released - Where's My Paperwork?

Recently encountered our Ambulance and EMT's? We adhere to guidelines that require us to complete paperwork documenting the "patient care report" regardless if you were transported. In the past a refusal was completed for either an AMA (Against Medical Advice) or Denial of Injury on a paper two copy form and presented to the patient.

Today we operate paperless, where as the patient is explained the same rights for transport or refusal and now signs on our Panasonic Tablet. The patient care record is the same as before, however now we are not handing out that paperwork. We are glad to provide you with a copy of your release upon request following the incident from our Department Clerk. This eliminates paper consumption, and reduces the likelihood you could lose that copy during your incident or after, and your protected personal information being put in the wrong hands.

This is another careful consideration we take when you are in our care.  If you need your copy of refusal, please feel free to contact our Department Clerk.