Raymond Fire & Rescue Department EMT Scope of Practice

Raymond Fire & Rescue EMT's (Emergency Medical Technician) operate following the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services Emergency Medical Services Section Scope of Practice. RFRD is licensed at the Advanced EMT level.

Additionally our operational plan aligns our community with neighboring providers to provide ALS (Advanced Life Support) through an intercept program. The intercept program automatically dispatches an Intermediate EMT level or higher on specific calls involving cardiac and respiratory events. Our EMT's are guided beyond that through our Medical Director's SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures), which give specific direction on each situation encountered with a patient. If you review the State Scope of Practice, you will find that the difference of our level of care (AEMT) compared to Intermediate and Paramedic are in many cases the drug interventions. In some situations the EMS provider must decide if waiting for the ALS intercept is in the best interests of the patient. Wisconsin EMS Scope of Practice can be viewed here.

Our Operational Plan identifies a "legal crew" as one EMT and one AEMT. In the event of simultaneous calls, our second ambulance may respond with two EMT's. You will notice our typical  crew consists of at least 3, using 1 driver.