Racine County Rescue Task Force

Raymond Fire and Rescue Department joined the Western Racine County RTF work group in late 2015. RFRD was represented by Captain Jacob Dinauer. This work group was assembled by Captain James Weidner of the Racine County Sheriffs Office, and had representation by all western Racine County fire departments and law enforcement agencies.

The main goal of the work group committee was to maintain uniformity among all area first responder agencies in Racine County. The work group recommended medical and ballistic equipment purchases, organized potential funding assistance with AFG grants, and scheduled uniform training for command and control staff  and RTF end user training for all Fire/EMS personnel.

Our department purchased medical and ballistic equipment in mid 2016 and completed command training in late 2016, and scheduled an 8 hour end user training in early 2017 at Raymond Elementary School.

The accomplishments of the Task Force aligns well with aggressive tactical changes in situations involving active shooters. These scenarios unfortunately have become the new norm, with significant events happening in our surrounding communities.

The premise behind a rescue task force, a rapid formed group of EMS medical providers that partner with law enforcement on scene, similar to Tactical Medics. The Rescue Task will enter a newly secured area, such as an active shooter incident, to provide triage, emergent care and casualty extrication. Prior to today's new tactical design, Fire/EMS agencies would be staged far from the scene in a cold zone.  The model allows a more rapid care to victims inside the hostile zone, without waiting for SWAT and Tactical Medics.

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