Houses always wanted!

Are you looking to raze a structure on your property? Did you know the process, although tedious, is the same whether you plan on razing the building with equipment or by donating it to the fire department?

Donations do not always take the shape of a check or currency. Every few years a community property owner will donate a house, Yes... A house! The house is typically in disrepair and slated to be razed. These buildings are used for extensive training for Fire, EMS, Arson Task Force, and in some cases they are shared with Law Enforcement. utilizing a house for training to create real scenarios, such as training burns including flashover training. Donating a house is an extraordinary gift to the membership and many others outside of our organization. 

The process to raze a house is typically inclusive of utility disconnection, testing of exterior materials such as roofing and siding for asbestos, and in some cases interior components as well. There is checklist to be completed regardless of the means to demolish.

If you would choose to donate the structure, we would ask for the most time you as the owner can spare. Typically the structure would be used for three to four months, which could create five or more training opportunities. Training exercises would culminate with the structure being burned down to rubbish into the foundation.

For more information on house/structure donations, please don't hesitate to contact us.