Raymond Fire & Rescue Department’s Fire Prevention Week 2017

Each year the Town of Raymond Fire & Rescue Department and the Raymond Fire & Rescue Association is proud to participate in National Fire Prevention week. According to NFPA.org, “Fire Prevention Week is on record as the longest running public health observance, according to the National Archives and Records Administration’s Library Information Center.”


Each year the Department kicks off October with an Open House & Pancake Breakfast on the first Sunday of October. The open house provides the visitors a great opportunity to learn a little more about the department’s services, equipment, and personnel. The guests see up close and personal some of the life-saving equipment, such as the Lucas 3 Chest Compression device recently procured through a grant. The personnel also conduct demonstrations such as operations at a motor vehicle accident using extrication. The crowd every year flocks to see the awe inspiring Flight for Life medical helicopter land in valley baseball outfield. The event has grown and evolved so much through the years.  This year in 2017 the Fire Department gave away 20 smoke detectors and 4 CO/Smoke Dual sensor alarms, thanks to sponsors. Captain Adams stated, “Obviously public education is one of our paramount activities, but I feel getting more smoke detectors out in the community is an exceptional idea. I know many of the people who won them, may not need them directly, but many of us have friends or family that could use a new one. We see this situation, several times a year.” The event had another spectacular turnout in 2017.

On Friday, October 6, 2017, the department hosted the annual Safety Day at the Fire Station. Approximately 200 students, from Raymond and North Cape Schools, ranging from 4K to 2nd Grade participated in 4 Stations. Students were touring and learning about the department rigs and how firefighters respond.  In the newly completed Dayroom students watched a 15 minute movie learning all about  fire safety.  Finally, in what has been haled as the “excitement/fun” station, students take control of the nozzle and fight the fire in teams of 3.

These events are only made possible through the hard work and dedication of the Department’s membership, and the generous and motivating donations of sponsors and residents in the community. Gil Bachmann, has led the department’s involvement with Fire Prevention and organized these great events with the students in Raymond township.