Long Driveway Designations

In 2012, Raymond Fire and Rescue Department and the Town Board embarked on a project to better serve its residents. The project consisted of installing marker signs at the end of any driveway 1500' in length or longer with an additional marker marking 1500' to an appropriate location to the furthest dwelling.

Anytime a fire incident occurs, water is one of the most integral parts of our equation. Our first due engine carries 1525' of 5" large diameter supply hose; our second due pumper tanker carries 1000' of the same 5" large diameter supply hose. The incident commander or first due engine would arrive on scene of the "long driveway" and see the designation on the address sign. Immediately it is know that a supply line can not be dropped at the road and must be dropped at the designated location. The second due tanker pumper will then back to the "drop 1" marker, connect to the previously dropped supply line and return to the road to set up the water supply relay.