Proactive Patient... Timesaver / Lifesaver

Whether your worried about Mom and Dad aging, or your child with special medical needs at home with babysitter, being prepared for a medical emergency for ANYONE starts with have accurate medical history and information.  We know when we arrive the last thing anybody wants to discuss are topics like primary physician, date of birth, or a list of medications longer a 6 year old's Christmas list to Santa.

Raymond Fire & Rescue Department strives for the best emergency medical care and often relies on the patient and/or family to get important information that helps our Crew and the receiving Emergency Room Staff treat the patient. Medical professionals rely on accurate Medical History, Medications, Conditions, and Allergies to treat the patient. We are also required to collect specific demographic information as well. While all the proper safeguards are in place once we receive the information, attaining the information can save our crews valuable time.

Scenario: 78 year old Male, lives at home on his own. While outside cutting the grass, he feels "not quite right", calls 911 for rescue. While on the line, requesting rescue from the dispatcher, the caller goes unconscious. The crew arrives on scene to find the gentlemen unconscious in his kitchen. There are very obvious steps that we take in these circumstances, but as the crew attends to patient; one observant Deputy had found a Medical History document on the fridge.  Look we just found out Richard has had no known allergies but significant cardiac history...  This type of information could be lifesaving!

Our Ambulances carry "File of Life" blanks for our residents, but typically these are only filled out after a close call. Don't wait for the fancy one with a magnetic holder, be proactive. Download this Medical History Card and be prepared. Simply fill this out and leave in plain sight. You do not need to submit this to us, all it needs to be is legible, current, and accessible!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to get the "official File of Life" for you and your loved ones.