Donations to RFRD

Raymond Fire & Rescue Department over the years has been very fortunate to have friends in the community with generous hearts. Some may not know that the department is always accepting donations.

Throughout the year families or our patients make generous monetary contributions to our department. Monetary donations are put towards equipment and materials through our Raymond Fire & Rescue Association, a non-profit organization that procures items to help protect and enrich the lives of our members. Often are budget can't allow the purchases of certain equipment when bigger necessities arrive. 

Recently the department through monetary donations had acquired two new Stryker power cots for our ambulances. These cots are state of the art and have been proven to drastically reduce back injuries to EMS personnel when moving and loading patients into our ambulance.

Donations do not always take the shape of a check or currency. Every few years a community property owner will donate a house, Yes... A house! The house is typically in disrepair and slated to be razed. These buildings are used for extensive training for Fire, EMS, Arson Task Force, and in some cases they are shared with Law Enforcement. utilizing a house for training to create real scenarios, such as training burns including flashover training. Donating a house is an extraordinary gift to the membership and many others outside of our organization. 

Vehicles are also donated. A vehicle donation can vary from an automobile, a RV Travel Trailer, and even a school bus! Automobile donations may used for hands on training or a monetary sale with proceeds going to the Fire Department. In 2010, a well-maintained but aged Travel Trailer was donated to the department. The trailer was re-purposed for our Explorer's Post 400. In 2014, a school bus was donated to the department. The bus was used for three separate fire trainings and a large Mass Casualty Incident Training which hosted departments from Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha counties.

Monetary donations are great, but if you have something or service you could offer the department, please don't hesitate to contact us.