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Bonfires and seasonal clean-up brush & debris burns are one of the most common activities by homeowners throughout our township. Although common activities, you may be surprised to read what our ordinance reads.

Bonfires are probably the largest source of false calls to service for Raymond Fire & Rescue. You and your know pride yourselves on watching out for the neighbor, surely you have found yourself cruising down one of our town roads around 10pm and caught a quick glimpse of something that looked like a barn or garage or even a house on fire! The last thing you want is your neighbor to sustain a devastating loss of property, so you call 911.

One of a few possible chain of events takes place, the Racine County dispatcher will try to determine based on your report whether this a "true structure fire", an unauthorized recreational/brush burn, or the bonfire your neighbors called in earlier in the day. If the incident can't be determined to be a controlled burn, RFRD is notified and dispatched to that location.

Certainly erring on the side of caution is better for the passer-by.  Many residents don't know or forget that they are responsible to report in advance the recreational/brush controlled burn to Racine County Dispatch and to Raymond Fire & Rescue. When you plan to burn, keep the following in mind:

  • Report you burn to Racine County Dispatch on the non-emergency line at (262) 886-2300 and to Raymond Fire & Rescue at (262) 835-1687 (Please leave a message!)
  • Avoid burning in tall grass, tree lines, or close to physical structures or vehicles.
  • Be sure to have a sufficient water supply available to extinguish or control fire.
  • Do not burn during windy days, wait for a calm day.
  • Do not burn materials not permissible such as tires, petroleum based products, asbestos, and dangerous items such as aerosol cans.


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