Patient Care Reporting Software

As of January 1st 2017 all of Wisconsin’s EMS services were required to update their EMS software to be NEMSIS 3.0 compliant, and Raymond Fire was ready for the task. The new EMS data software system implemented by the State, appropriately named Elite, is a product by ImageTrend out of Minnesota.

Raymond EMS providers are no stranger to Image Trend products, our former and first electronic data program Field Bridge was also created by Image Trend. The new Elite has much more detailed fields that describe the patients and their treatment that we perform at RFRD. For example: “patient has pain in right side” on the old software, whereas on the new software, “patient has pain level 7 of 10 on Quadrant I of abdomen upon release of palpation”. The software is designed to be more functional for "live field reporting"; while during the transition our providers still may enter the run report following transferring care at the hospital.

Our EMS providers started preparing for the rollout 8 months in advance. Town of Raymond Fire & Rescue went live on January 1st 2017. By February 15th, 2017, our providers entered approximately 45 reports.

Our data then goes to our billing service and then to the State EMS database site. One big change to this system compared to the old software, Elite is a web based program. This means that a connection to the internet is required. The software and process change led the department to upgrading our computer hardware as well.