Ambulance Panasonic Toughpad

With the state mandated change to "Elite" patient care reporting, the new web based EMS software, Town of Raymond Fire & Rescue upgraded the near obsolete Panasonic Toughbook. The new Toughpad was designed for field work and most suitable for the Fire & EMS environment.

Panasonic ToughPads were implemented with WIFI and Cellular data services to ensure that a very low chance of connection loss, which is very important with the web based products, regardless of the incident location.

The learning curve found when working with a ToughPad, instead of laptop computer, was the missing keyboard. The user must rely on the on-screen keyboard which takes up significant real estate on the screen when entering data. RFRD plans to add portable keyboards that attach directly to the ToughPad to help our members with this issue. The ToughPads are very durable in all weather situations; lock securely in the ambulances when traveling to an incident. They click out easily when needed at the scene of an incident. They have the ability to take photos at the scene and collect signatures from law enforcement to patients and patient guardians at the scene.

The advantage to field reporting and goal is to "go green" and reducing the amount of paper we use. Our software and hardware will now make these goals easily attainable, although we are not paperless yet, building on these technologies will position the Department with that ability.