I Am Responding

The unknown of whether the typical "volunteer" fire department will fill the seats of a rig has been a thorn in many Chief officers' side for many years. In 2011 RFRD depoloyed the trial version of I Am Responding.

IamResponding is the original, most reliable and most complete responder tracking system in the industry. Much more than an app, IamResponding is a complete system, providing more features, more functions, more communication pathways, more benefits, and more value than any other responder tracking product.

IamResponding is also delivered via the most reliable, proven web-based network in the industry, with complete local and geographically diverse redundancy and failover. With thousands of departments as subscribers, and more than a quarter-million users, IamResponding has been real-world proven for a decade, has processed many millions of calls and dispatches.

With I Am Responding we:

  • Know immediately if you have a full crew on the way, or if you need to page additional personnel;
  • Stop waiting for members who are not on their way, and stop leaving the station just as others are coming around the corner;
  • Know who is responding to the station, scene or any other location;
  • Get out with more complete, more effective and safer crews faster; and
  • Reduce response times!

This trial concluded, but the department knew "almost immediately" the game changer it would be. From a safety aspect, the program would help identify should a member not make it to the station; due to a weather or traffic accident or vehicle failure. The product has really improved the efficiency of the Fire department.