Chaplain John Kalashian

John Kalashian has been a Fire Chaplain since 2009, starting at Caledonia Fire Department. In 2013 Chaplain John joined with Raymond Fire & Rescue and was officially appointed in 2015. Chaplain John has been extremely active within our department.

Chaplain John can be found most Monday nights participating in our training, attending the meetings, and helping at fundraisers like our Firefighters and EMT's. John stated early on, "I need to get involved to understand how the people work and interact, and most important to get to know them."

John is a member of the Federation of Fire Chaplains, The Fellowship of Christian Firefighters and The Racine County Crisis Intervention Team. John has also been the contributing author of numerous Chaplain messages selected for print in the Nationally recognized fire fighter’s devotion “Stories of Faith & Courage from Fire Fighters & First Responders”. Chaplain John also currently serves in the ministry, “Men With a Burden” which he founded in 1985, and in which he continues to serve as leader and Pastor. Men with a Burden can be found performing worship services at The Milwaukee Rescue Mission, a christian homeless shelter. In 2006 Chaplain John became the founder & director of Corvettes for Christ ( a non denominational Christian ministry taking God’s Word out to the highways and byways of life throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Corvettes for Christ also publishes the world’s only Corvette Bible. Chaplain John also founded a Racine chapter of the American Family Association in 1995. The AFA is an organization proudly standing for moral causes. Since 1989 John’s full-time work has involved managing his own insurance agency in Racine.

John’s greatest achievements and the ones which he is most humbled and proud of however are those given by 1st Responders as they welcome him into their lives. He states, “I love and admire 1st Responders for their courage, dedication and commitment to save lives and personal property. They indeed represent God’s chosen vessels of rescue”.

Chaplain John has been married to his wife Jennifer since 1971 and who has been a faithful and supportive companion in all of life’s journey’s.