Bucher, Adam

Adam Bucher joined the department in August 2016, as a Firefighter and EMT Advanced. Adam joined the department shortly after moving into Raymond after leaving Milwaukee County and Hales Corners Fire Department. Adam was a welcome addition bringing great experience and knowledge with him.

With experience on a part-time department he was excited to join and be part of Raymond Fire & Rescue Department. In 2016 he was also appointed to the department Board of Directors. His fellow board members have noted, "His experience and enthusiasm is greatly embraced."

Adam enjoys spending time working with maintenance and trading at the fire house. With a very supporting Wife Deanna, Adam is proud to serve his community next to his brothers and sisters. Outside of the department, Adam the "avid outdoorsman", spends most of his time fishing or hunting. When not in the woods or on the water he is busy working on projects for Deanna around the house or building a random project.

Adam views his next 10 years as an opportunity for personal and professional growth within the department, and has aspirations of moving up in the rank. Adam said, "Regardless of what I did prior to coming here, I have a lot to learn about how 'we' do it here. But with hard work, I aspire to be an officer again in this department down the road."