Captain Michael Ladwig

Captain Michael Ladwig joined the Raymond Fire &Rescue Department in 2005, after moving to Raymond in 2003. Captain Ladwig recalls when he was joining the department, “I thought I was going to be handed a garden hose, and told to go put out the fire. I couldn’t have more wrong!”

Captain Ladwig quickly attained his EMT-B licensure, and moved right on to Firefighter I in 2006. Around 2009, Michael realized the importance of advancing his EMS license to A-EMT, at the time referred to IV Technician. Captain Ladwig, along with others, completed Firefighter II in 2015.

Michael has a distinguished record within the Department serving on the Board of Directors and completing many other trainings and certifications, but perhaps some his greatest contributions have been in our evolving needs for Information Technology. He was instrumental in rollout of our original ePCR solution Field Bridge and commitment to FireHouse, our fire services data processing software. Many of our success stories with computers, hardware, and software can be tied to Captain Ladwig, In 2017, Captain Ladwig was an anchor for the our new ePCR solution Image Trend Elite, replacing Field Bridge and keeping compliant with NEMSIS v3.