Tender 462

Tender 462 was welcome addition to our Department in 2007. This pumper/tanker can do just about anything. Typically this vehicle is our primary water delivery unit; but when the driveway is long, you will find 462 at the end of the driveway supplying water to the fire scene. No one minds running this tanker with ability to dump water without even getting out the truck!

  • 2006 International Chassis
  • Arrived in 2007 – Purchased new
  • Former Call Sign Tanker 2
  • Tanker / Pumper Combination
  • 2,100 Gallons of Water
  • Equipped with One Portable Tank (Officer/Right Side)
  • 3rd Newest Apparatus (9/2016)
  • Carries 1,000 feet of 5” Supply hose, 2nd out fire apparatus on Structure Fires